B.M.K. Industries

Programming & IT Consultants
Melbourne Australia

Computing Languages:
 Programming: C, PHP, JavaScript, LISP & MQL4 (MetaTrader 4).
 Database: SQL (MySQL, SQLite and Interbase/Firebird).
 Markup: HTML, XHTML and XML.

Programming Experience:
 Shopping Carts & Real Time Credit Card Approval systems.
 Develop secure Client Login & Management systems for web sites.
 Develop tools for Image & PDF creation from data.
 SQL based Intranet & Web Databases.
 Develop custom Web Site Content Management systems.
 Web API (application programming interface) development.
 Develop Link Farms for Search Engine Optimization.
 Develop online surveys and statistic viewing tools for web sites.
 Logistics and Accounting Intranet development.
 Develop document archiving and retrieval systems for web sites.
 Develop warranty and repair management database for service company.
 Develop distributed computing software (grid computing).
 Develop SMS messaging and OPT IN systems.
 Develop software to manage Network Routes and ISP change-over.

Financial Services Experience:
 Back-office IT support and web back-end development.
 Integrate ASX live XML Data Feeds into web sites and databases.
 Develop client watch-list and portfolio management tools for broker.
 Web Robot development to extract databases from web sites.
 Web Robot to find/report Exchange Traded Options with High Premiums.
 Develop Unit Price management software for Investment Trust.
 Develop Currency Robots to trade live in the Forex (Foreign Exchange) Market.
 Forex strategy back-testing.
 Expert Advisors.
 Develop Robots to trade Forex live on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
 Develop Support & Resistance indicators for MetaTrader 4 robots.

Internet Broadcasting Experience:
 Professional quality audio Podcasting & Live Webcasting servers.

I.T. Experience:
 Setup (Linux or BSD) Servers, Routers & Firewalls.
 Comms expertise with ADSL, SDSL, HDSL, Frame Relay & ISDN.
 TCP/IP Networking & Security.
 O.S. Experience includes FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux.
 Custom Apache Web Server builds.

Strong Data Encryption Experience:
 Secure Web Servers (SSL).
 OpenSSL patching & upgrades.
 VPN setup.
 White Noise Data Encryption Systems.
 White Noise Encryption Key generators (black boxes).

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 Altona, VIC 3018